About Us

RET CUSTOMS BROKERAGE represents a partnership of Licensed Customs Brokers as well as experts and trained practitioners in the customs and international trade and tariffs.

RET is accredited by both the Bureau of Customs and by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. We are guided by our Professional Code of Ethics to perform of mandated tasks in not only meeting customers’ expectations but in doing so, satisfy such expectations as expected by our stakeholders. RET Customs Brokerage’s thrust is to both enlighten and educate our customers through our wealth of experience and expertise. We shall always be on-hand in guiding them every step of the way. That’s not only our commitment, that’s our mantra.

RET Customs Brokerage takes pride in constantly improving our competencies by always looking out for ways to further harness, develop and hone our professional expertise. This mindset transcends towards our eternal goal of improving customer service.

We see to it that we hire only the most qualified individuals as we believe that great service starts with having the right people.

Our Mission

RET Customs Brokerage prioritizes quality over profit. Being the best doesn’t always mean being the biggest. It will always strive towards service excellence. Success through experience and expertise is honed through years of customer satisfaction. Service excellence is not only a promise but a commitment.

Our Vision

RET Customs Brokerage aims to create a lasting and meaningful business relationship not only with its employees, its industry partners and stakeholders, but, equally important, among its clients. A business relationship anchored on trust and service excellence transcends time and can only grow stronger over the years.