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RET Customs Brokerage is a general professional partnership composed of licensed Customs Broker, not only expert and trained partners in the field of customs and international trade and tariffs matters but also guided by our Professional code of ethics to meet customer expectations and satisfy  the quality services of  customers and stakeholders.
RET Customs Brokerage is not only company dealing operational business transaction to Customers and stakeholders. RET Customs Brokerage people as profession, we will provide you the power of knowledge,professional ideas and lasting solutions in this field thru customized training and step by step discussion specially to all traders.


The Mission of RET Customs Brokerage Company engaged in Professional Services that help to provide ideas and information has to become Effective traders and to ensure that all goods entering and exiting in the Philippines do so in accordance with all our laws and regulations. This mission includes: -To help eliminate the double handling or other unnecessary cost -to Guide importer accurate declaration with their import cargo -to help Customer their mission for developing their trading company in this field. -Enforcing Intended Laws to prevent illegal trader’s practices to protect the legitimate trader’s. -to help the assessment of imported cargo on form of Duty and Tax for the Govt. -to in-line with the International Treaties and Convention.

From the humble beginning up to RET Customs Brokerage established by trusted and hardworking people, we are not aiming to become a top Service Provider in kind of Company Classification but leading as one of the premier Professional and Service company provider customs administration. -Year after year, RET Customs Brokerage and its people will be regarded as the Excellent and most trusted quality service provider in the Philippines. -Has to become recognized and respected one of the credible Professional and service company providers in the field.