One Stop Freight Handling and Shipping Services

Are you looking for an expert Cargo handling company? RET Customs Brokerage. gives you startling services based on your requirement. This group of licensed customs brokers and trained practitioners and experts has got its exponential growth after getting accredited by Bureau of Customs and by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority.

Invaluable Customs Services

Overwhelming response on Customs brokerage services, we offer incredible services to allow your business grow with fascination. The delectable customer service is the invaluable asset of RET Customs Brokerage.

Variety of Services

The company offers many services across the country.

  • Brokerage Services
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Creating & Packaging
  • Ocean Shipping
  • Project Cargo Handling
  • Shipping Carrying Agent
  • Trade Compliance
  • Trucking Agent
  • Warehousing

Unique and Experienced

The company in Customs brokerage services with experienced professionals is most sought not only because of the Customs clearance on import and Export. They are specialized in the art of Cargo Handling.

There are businesses which are landlocked and had to ship a huge consignment to another part of the world, let it be air or water, we help you transport from your location to the Harbour or the airport.

The experienced professionals handle the project cargo handling Philippines with more strategies and care. Lifting heavy shipments and using creative techniques to move beyond the border with complete legality.

This eventually sets the business to offer the goods at a very reasonable price, thereby improving the value of the company which ships the products. Optimum cargo safety in project cargo handling Philippines is completely ensured.

Safeguarding Legality in all moves

Maintaining trade compliance in such services becomes binding. This is handled with utmost care as it also includes international trade tariffs which must be satisfied too. Cross border challenges of shipment is very well handled by the licensed practitioners in the customs.

The company is best known for its warehousing facility of the cargos. The inventory management system of us handles your cargo even if it is lying there to be shipped months before. Technology advancements in shipment handling enables us to deliver best results. We ensure safety 24/7 and 365 days to keep the shipment in good condition too. The auditing and stock keeping team are always on their toes to keep the cargo intact.