Shipping Cargo in Asia and Beyond

You can be an importer or exporter, and we make your international business process smooth. RET freight forwarding agents have a thorough understanding and knowledge of overseas markets and particular trade dynamics. Our trade managers have expertise with market-specific local advisory on factors affecting the transit of your shipment. Our ability to provide in-depth, precise, and updated information on export and import business about individual geographic markets sets us apart from our competition. This might include

• Local and International transportation.
• Local and International regulatory guidelines changes.
• Terminal situation.
• Any delay or lag pertaining to berthing.
• Customs and documentation process.

Customized Service as Per Needs

At RET, we don’t believe in the Buffet system rather A la carte. We provide tailored service to your needs to fulfill your requirements in the best way possible. Apart from subject matter expertise, our trade managers are also known for an unrivaled commitment to customer service. We keep ourselves updated with the latest market dynamics and stay close to the ever-evolving business changes. This helps us to match our customer changing needs. Pin to Plane, we shift everything, everywhere.


Let us help you give a few more reasons to book us.

• We are focused on loss and claim prevention; that way, it leads to a safe and secured delivery.
• Your convenience comes first to us. We have a support staff team always ready to answer your questions. Tailor-made solution and fully integrated service.
• We are also a tech-savvy organization and have the latest tools and techniques to demonstrate handling and lashing needs.
• We have multiple flat racks to give your luggage that extra security and providing a safe working environment.
• Shipment or cargo is loaded and secured onto the platform by our shipping handling specialist.

We are a licensed customs broker based out of Manila. The international customs clearance process is one of the trickiest parts of overseas business. You may be a small or medium or large-sized business group. Customs clearance process can make or break your entry into the global market. With us, you need not worry about this process, as we take care of all the complexity of clearing goods through customs and set you free from micromanaging the customs clearance process yourself.

Though it is advisable to know the basic essential elements to keep the process smooth and streamline, customs clearance is a process by which local government control and regulates the flow of goods across international territories. It is necessary to receive government approval to move your goods out of the country or import them to your local place from an international border. This department is regulated by a customs authority formed by the government of the respective country.

To move your goods from your local place to other countries, your cargo should receive an export clearance document and must receive import clearance to enter the destination. This is a hectic process, and you need an expert like RET to get this work done.

Final Word – We are here to help you grow your business internationally thru clearing all your customs processes and make your business life easy. With us, you can rest assured of the best in class service and focus on your core business while we get your goods exported to your destination and keep you busy counting new dollars.