Strategic Planning and Execution of Logistics for The Global Movement of Goods

The planning and coordination of the flow of goods across international borders on behalf of shippers are known as freight forwarding. Other responsibilities include, and are not limited to, warehouse planning, cargo insurance provision, and customs brokerage.

freight forwarding is the strategic planning and execution of logistics for the global movement of goods on behalf of shippers. A freight forwarder, for example, will handle freight rate negotiations, cargo tracking, customs documentation, and freight aggregation, among other things. Importing and exporting presents attractive prospects for companies with the resources to carry out effective logistical plans. However, international shipping operations are, to say the least, difficult.

It necessitates:

  • Expert understanding of customs standards, which differ from one country to the next and even from port to port.
  • Rapid problem-solving, for that when the weather, technology, or human nature, as they are all prone to do, fail to accommodate punctual travels.
  • An inclination for networking, because a distribution network is only as powerful as that of the parties pushing it in many aspects.
  • You will also need a license to do so.

International supply networks are an unavoidable feature of today’s worldwide marketplace. They, in fact, define it. Freight forwarders could be found anywhere customs agency, warehouse management, cargo planning, and cargo are required. That would be to say, they are all over the place.

A certified practitioner person represents importers when their transactions with a customs agency are known as a customs broker. As an importer, you are ultimately responsible to complete the relevant papers, providing accurate information, and paying the applicable customs and fees. Your broker, on the other hand, does the real work on their behalf.

Custom brokerage services are worth a lot of money. The cost charged by a customs broker varies according to the volume and complexity of the service performed. You’ll spend around $150 or $175 for the most basic entry & ISF filing – for instance, one which includes up to 3 HS codes with three business invoices. If the broker is required to file data with one or even more regulatory bodies, the bill could increase by $30 to $40 per agency. In exchange, you receive a quality service that executes a customs application in moments, instead of the hours or days that an amateur importer may take. The broker electronically transmits the papers, ensuring that Customs receives them on time. A customs broker is knowledgeable about the process. decreases the possibility of errors, which could otherwise cause your cargo to be delayed and your prices to rise.

Working with a broker will also make it much easier to obtain bonds. Custom brokerage services and freight forwarders are preferred partners for surety firms. Most sureties would refuse to cooperate with you directly unless you can provide a significant amount of ongoing business as an importer.

What are the duties of a freight forwarder?

If you want to run a lucrative and big business then involving yourself in importing and exporting is the ultimate need. International markets bring numerous opportunities for your business. Hence, if you are not involved in international business yet, then go and join now. Moreover, for a hassle-free and smooth way of shipping goods to foreign markets, businesses nowadays prefer freight forwarding services Manila. These services are carried out by a specialized professional is known as a freight forwarder. 

You can expect them to manage everything for international shipment such as rules and regulations, paperwork, etc. But their collection of duties doesn’t end here. They carry out numerous duties for trucking agent services. If you are eager to know about their duties, then look in this blog given below. 

Intermediator between the shipper and transformation services 

The freight forwarder is responsible for acting as the intermediator between the shipper and transportation services like air shipping, ocean shipping, and trucking. Moreover if possible then rail shipping as well. 

Establishing relationships with other professionals

A freight forwarder also holds responsibility for developing a professional relationship with carriers, air freighters, trucking agent services, rail freighters, ocean liners, etc for negotiating the best possible prices for moving inventory. 

Handling the logistic of shipment goods 

Freight forwarders are specialized in handling the considerable logistics of inventory from one shipment country to another. Without this professional, this task will be tedious for the business. 

Shipping agent 

Freight forwarders act as the shipping agent with exporters and manage their export documentation and shipping requirements. Hence, businesses need not take any burden of this. These are some of the responsibilities fulfilled by a freight forwarder while delivering freight forwarding services in Manila. If you haven’t taken this service, then make sure to hire them for growing your business.

How International Freight Forwarders Work?

Freight forwarding is similar to air freight, except that it involves shipping both passengers and freight. A freight forwarder, either an individual or a business, is someone or entity that organizes shipments to a final destination, usually a port of destination, to bring goods from the original manufacturer to a point of sale or distribution. Forwarders contract directly with carriers or more than likely multiple carriers to safely move the goods. The carrier is the one that takes possession of the freight and moves it to where it is needed most.

Most freight forwarding companies operate on the same principles but have different ways of doing business. They have to make sure their clients are satisfied with the service they provide. They also need to make sure that the goods arrive on time to their clients. With the growth of the online market, freight forwarding companies have expanded their business to include online services, such as international e-shipping.

International e-commerce has increased the need for freight forwarding companies. Shipping goods this way allows shippers to access the entire world at a click of a mouse. Rather than having to store the items that they wish to ship, the shipper can simply place the order with an online shipping company, and that order will be moved along with the rest of the shipment when it arrives at its destination. There is no need for warehousing, no need for a truck, and no need for customs brokers to deal with the customs broker Philippines themselves. Because of this, international shipments have drastically increased in recent years.

It is important that a freight forwarding company is a highly organized business. They must have adequate tracking on all shipments, and they should only forward to countries that the client certifies as safe for shipment. The shipper must also ensure that the carriers are appropriately licensed to transport the items, and that they follow all of the necessary paperwork and laws. Many of the carriers require that the shipper fill out and sign a document known as a “packing slip,” which verifies that the shipper is aware of all of the laws relating to the country in which the carrier is mailing the item. Failure to do so can result in penalties or fines.

One of the most important aspects of the freight forwarding process involves warehousing. It is important that the shipper have a proper warehouse, which can hold all of the items that the carrier requires shipping. Without good storage, the carrier may experience a surge in orders, forcing them to add even more shipping space. Some freight forwarding companies are able to rent warehouses for a low monthly fee, which allows the shipper to have a steady flow of goods on hand. Other companies do not have the ability to rent warehouses but do allow the shipper to use their trucks to ferry the goods directly to their customers.

Many international freight forwarders also handle international parcels. These types of deliveries can be difficult for individual sellers to handle. Freight forwarding companies typically have international movers in place, allowing them to accept and deliver shipments to any part of the world. They are also knowledgeable about customs requirements, as well as the regulations for each country in which the international shipment is being sent. This knowledge will help the seller stay ahead of his or her competitors.

How Licensed Customs Brokerage Firms Helps Customs Clearance For Shipment Goods?

Shipping goods to and from one country to another is not easy. Documentations are required. Claims are made. Order and shipment are tracked. Most important, you need to negotiate with customs clearance services.

• If you are well informed, you have to handle things on your own
• You can hire expert customs broker Philippines services
• The expert team will look into export and import needs

The process to select the right expert can be tedious. Proper research for multiple services is important. Go with services that are licensed to negotiate with the customs clearance team.

Go with logistics experts

The entire process is linked with logistic services. The process is complex. Your shipment must meet the legal criteria. Import and export regulations are important to meet specific standards.

Logistic experts are aware of the process and standards. They take care of everything from payment to billing and tax clearance. The process is important for customs clearance.

Understand broker variations

All types of freight forwarding brokers are not the same. It is essential to hire a licensed team only. This is important to handle all customs clearance related task. The expert team will look into the entire customs clearance process and other fee details.

Before you hire it is essential to check if the services offered with customs clearance related documentation or not. You may not be able to make your claims unless you have hired licensed brokerage services.

Helps check goods restrictions

Different countries may offer different restrictions for import and export goods. Some types of goods may not be allowed in and out of the country. This task involves collecting full details of restricted goods.

Professional freight forwarding services are aware of restricted goods and services. Some of them may even operate within selected countries and economic zones.

Understands prohibition laws

Getting familiar with prohibition laws during the shipment process is important. Before the selection of goods, the expert team will always negotiate with the local authorities. It is mandatory to take permission in advance.

The customs broker Philippines will interact with the local authorities and then carry out the documentation process. You save your money. You can ensure that your cargo is not prohibited.

Some countries may also restrict in many other areas including packaging, age, license, and quantity. A professional team is aware of these restrictions. They act accordingly when making claims or booking the cargo.

They are also aware of the duty charges they have to pay for each consignment. They help ease the process of imports and exports.

Shipping Cargo in Asia and Beyond

You can be an importer or exporter, and we make your international business process smooth. RET freight forwarding agents have a thorough understanding and knowledge of overseas markets and particular trade dynamics. Our trade managers have expertise with market-specific local advisory on factors affecting the transit of your shipment. Our ability to provide in-depth, precise, and updated information on export and import business about individual geographic markets sets us apart from our competition. This might include

• Local and International transportation.
• Local and International regulatory guidelines changes.
• Terminal situation.
• Any delay or lag pertaining to berthing.
• Customs and documentation process.

Customized Service as Per Needs

At RET, we don’t believe in the Buffet system rather A la carte. We provide tailored service to your needs to fulfill your requirements in the best way possible. Apart from subject matter expertise, our trade managers are also known for an unrivaled commitment to customer service. We keep ourselves updated with the latest market dynamics and stay close to the ever-evolving business changes. This helps us to match our customer changing needs. Pin to Plane, we shift everything, everywhere.


Let us help you give a few more reasons to book us.

• We are focused on loss and claim prevention; that way, it leads to a safe and secured delivery.
• Your convenience comes first to us. We have a support staff team always ready to answer your questions. Tailor-made solution and fully integrated service.
• We are also a tech-savvy organization and have the latest tools and techniques to demonstrate handling and lashing needs.
• We have multiple flat racks to give your luggage that extra security and providing a safe working environment.
• Shipment or cargo is loaded and secured onto the platform by our shipping handling specialist.

We are a licensed customs broker based out of Manila. The international customs clearance process is one of the trickiest parts of overseas business. You may be a small or medium or large-sized business group. Customs clearance process can make or break your entry into the global market. With us, you need not worry about this process, as we take care of all the complexity of clearing goods through customs and set you free from micromanaging the customs clearance process yourself.

Though it is advisable to know the basic essential elements to keep the process smooth and streamline, customs clearance is a process by which local government control and regulates the flow of goods across international territories. It is necessary to receive government approval to move your goods out of the country or import them to your local place from an international border. This department is regulated by a customs authority formed by the government of the respective country.

To move your goods from your local place to other countries, your cargo should receive an export clearance document and must receive import clearance to enter the destination. This is a hectic process, and you need an expert like RET to get this work done.

Final Word – We are here to help you grow your business internationally thru clearing all your customs processes and make your business life easy. With us, you can rest assured of the best in class service and focus on your core business while we get your goods exported to your destination and keep you busy counting new dollars.

Let’s Ease Your Export Business

The Philippines is one of the growing import and export countries in Asia. Manila is one of the most significant contributors. Our country is known to export products like semiconductors, transport equipment, clothing, and fruits, especially coconut oil and electronics. Local businesses do most of their business by exporting these goods to places across the world. International trade contributes sizable money to a country’s economy, which will only increase in the coming future. But how to be sure that your business also grows with the country’s business?

If you are into such business and aspire to be one of the country’s most prominent business tycoons, you need to focus on imports and exports. You can be a budding start-up or well established local player and want to increase your reach in international markets. You have to deal with any paperwork and regulations to ensure your company complies with all the international trade practices. A freight forwarding service can help you streamline the logistics for you.

We are a reputed and age-old organization known as one of the most trusted freight forwarders in the industry. Right from merchandising storage to shipping, we take care of the entire process so that you can focus on your core business activities. Our professional team of experts takes care of this tedious process that includes transportation, warehousing requirements, freight space, export documentation, insurance and freight charges negotiation, and cargo consolidation.

Why We Are Better Than Competitors

Why do we say we are one of the best Customs Broker Service in Manila? We focus on our core business and make sure that we give our clients the best in class service. Broken or dented goods are one of the greatest torments for any exporting business unit. We focus on the below points and suggest you pay attention before setting on a freight forwarding service.

• Documentation – Unlike local trade, international trade involves a lot of complex documentation processes. And these documentation and export policies keep on changing time and again. Many technicalities involve Bill of Landing, Shipper’s Export Declaration, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Inspection Certificate, Export Licence, and whatnot.

We take good care of all these technicalities and make sure your cargo won’t end up at the surveillance office instead of the buyer’s warehouse. We ensure that your goods are exported on time and never delayed due to paperwork.

• Packaging – We make sure the best quality materials are used as per the goods constraint. Your package is loaded and unloaded a lot of times before it reaches its final destination. Temperature and weather also play a critical role, and the same is taken into consideration as well. So we make sure your package can handle all this with ease without damaging your product.

• Cataloging – Labelling is a crucial part of the export business. If details are not appropriately mentioned, your cargo might be misplaced, resulting in dampening your business image and sleepless nights. You need not worry about any of this as we are very meticulous in labeling packages. To make it easy, we put product weight in pounds and kilograms, the port of entry details, and more.
Global business will keep on booming, and so does export units. We provide comprehensive yet easy to operate export business solutions to ease your international business activities. With us, you are in safe hands.

Important Aspects You Can’t Overlook When Hiring Customs Brokerage Firms

Imports and exports task need regular reviewing from experts. Many processes need to be taken care of during these tasks. To fulfill your needs, you may need the services of a professional customs broker.

• Hiring these services is never easy as there are hundreds of options in the market
• You have to focus on your product line and zone of operation
• Hiring wring services can lead to disaster in the later stages of your business operations

Experienced customs broker service can help evaluate your business operations. They adjust their procedure according to your business requirements. There are a few basics that you have to understand before using these services.

Focus on imports and product line

You have to consider the type of product line that needs to be handled for your business. Each broker firm will qualify to handle different product lines and import operations. There are specific laws that cater to the imports of specific goods and products.

A professional firm should be aware of the laws imposed on your product range. This will guarantee that the process of claiming is smooth.

Consider the port and zone factors

Not all customs broker service will qualify to handle products in all port areas. The procedure requires the services of locally licensed brokers in many cases. So, before you hire one, you have to consider the validity of the license for the specific port area.

Local broker services are best for smooth operations and documentations. In the case of multiple port operations, you may need very professional services.

Automation part

The services you hire should offer complete automation of the process. Automation should not depend on the size of your shipment. This will guarantee that nothing goes wrong during the shipment and claims process.

The automation should be done within the information collection process, claims to make, and tracking process. In many cases, the freight forwarding process and tracking process can only be done online. So if the broker does not offer automation, then they should be avoided.


The reputation of the broker is an important aspect to check in advance. The broker firm should hold their positive reputation in the market. You should try and collect information directly from the users. The services you hire should offer a non-biased process.

This will guarantee that they are transparent with the customers at every stage.

Accounts settlements

The accounts settlement team should always be dedicated to offering the best services. The amount that you may have to pay for claims settlement is usually big. If the accounts department is not dedicated, then you can never expect transparency.

The moment you hire, freight forwarding process always take time to get familiar with the accounts team.

Agreement process

In most cases, an only written agreement is beneficial. If the services you hire are not willing to offer with the written agreement then you should look around for other options. The agreement includes full details of terms and conditions that need to be followed.

It is also important to consider the warning signs that these services offer to the customers. In the case of misplacing of consignment, warning signs are important.

6 Robust Steps of Quality Freight Forwarding Service

Freight forwarding is one of the most exciting operations that go through various processes and checkpoints. Shipments and logistics have become necessities of the world. Finding a freight forwarding services provider could be tough as the competition in this stream is rising especially if the customs broker Philippines is the key search.
Transporting goods across the shores is a big job as the freight could be of any size and shape, fragile or non-fragile, and there come several other factors while forwarding the same. Still, the freight forwarding process is defined in multiple small parts and checkpoints to make the whole journey well balanced and suited to the industry.

Let’s discuss.

Freight Forwarding Process
Transporting freight from one shore to another goes through different processes and stages. In general, the freight forwarding process inherits 5 stages. These processes cover up the end to end route of delivering the goods and freight.

Export Haulage
Export Haulage is the initial process of freight forwarding. In this, the freight or goods are transported from the base shipment house to the freight forwarder’s warehouse. The transportation may happen through various transport means (trucks, trailers, trains, etc.).
The time required to reach out the destination warehouse depends upon the distance between the two locations. Hence, the required time may take anywhere between a few hours to upto 10 days.

Items Checkpoint
Upon receiving the goods, it is being checked by freight forwarders to ensure the goods have reached without any defects and issues. It is necessary to keep a check of goods on every stage and hence, a freight forwarder needs to follow the most robust protocol.

Clearance for Export
A contract between the consignee and freight shipper as to export the goods to another country, there needs to be a clearance from the origin country. The custom brokers need to submit related documents and cargo details to the concerned authorities. Once the clearance is granted, the shipment can be forwarded to the destined country.

Import Custom Duties
The authorities at the destination country’s end need to check all the required documents of the arriving freight. It usually happens after the arrival of the shipment, but in some cases, the verification and document check may happen before the consignment reaches.

Handling at the Arrival
After receiving the verified documents from the import custom office, it gets handed over to the further process. All these duties and clearances are taken care of by the freight forwarder.

Import Haulage
It is the reverse process of Export Haulage. The freight is now transported to its destination address and same may happen to any transport means.

These steps carry the complete process of moving goods. However, handling a big consignment requires several other factors to safely deliver stuff. We, RET Customs broker is amongst the renowned names for freight forwarding services in Manila have been successful in reaching the spikes of services and delivery due to our commitment, technology, and consistent upgrade.