More Than Shipping – A Complete Package

Does your business deals in transporting heavier and complicated goods? Do you want to ship military equipment, yachts, aerospace, oil products, or similar heavy equipment? Well, you have arrived at the right place. We are Project Cargo Forwarders and accredited by both the Bureau of Customs and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. We follow the guidelines set by the customs authority and ensure our customer gets the best service through our immense knowledge and expertise in cargo service. Customer satisfaction is our prime mantra, and we achieve this every time with the help of our professional team of trade managers.

What do we do?

We follow a proper procedure set by the customs department and ensure the entire practice is followed as per guidelines.

• We make sure the client’s requirement complies with customs and shipping regulations.
• Our prime focuses on quality and safety procedures and ensures the cargo is shipped and received in proper condition.
• We are responsible for communicating with various departments and logistics services.
• We do a proper pre-contract investigation to choose the best mode of transport.
• Our project forwarder will check the client’s financial and administrative files to match their company standards. We provide pricing and quotes on a prerequisite basis.
• We also confirm the delivery as per the client’s expectations, including meeting cost, schedule, and contractual requirements.
• We work as a team, and our project forwarder takes responsibility for every task until your shipment reaches its destination.

Customs broker service manila supports all the activities in line with today’s safety standards. We offer a wide range of services for your cargo shipment that includes but is not limited to – viability study, process statement, sea fastening, grillage computation, design and fabrication, operation process, lifting and handling process, and everything else.

We provide heavy lifting through land transport, air freight, and sea freight. The mode of transportation is selected based on the shipment and delivery window as per your project needs. You can be from any industry, small to giant size. We make sure the cargo is delivered as per the timeliness you anticipate.

Let’s quickly understand our business process to give you more confidence in our working methods.

• While you confirm your shipment with us, our team starts with the process right away and complete project bond formalities, clearance certificates, and the project’s registration with respective authorities.
• Our team plan the best routing and complete the route surveys.
• Storage and inventory planning at the project site with unpacking and repacking of cargo.
• Lifting and installation support services with the latest tools and techniques in the industry.
• The above planning and execution help us to deliver the cargo as per the committed schedule.

Closing Thoughts – Our business model is based on efficiency, integrity, and transparency. We guarantee that your cargo will reach its international destination or into your local storehouse legally and ethically on time. We take care of the complete process right from cargo classification, computation of duties, local and international taxes, certifications, and documentation to the final delivery. We export and import everything in Asia and beyond. If you aspire to grow your business worldwide and are worried about the international trade policies, reach out to us now as we make your overseas business easy and hassle free without any fuss. After all, your business is our business.