What are the needs of the custom broker?

There is no doubt that establishing the business at the international level with their standard can be a tedious task. Hence having the required knowledge of the international market or trade is very important. But if you don’t have, then also in this world it’s not a big thing. Because nowadays custom broker Philippines are very famous as they have required knowledge and understanding of international trade. They have strong knowledge about international commercial terms, which one freight will suit you , whether ocean or air, where to house your goods, etc. That’s why you can expect them to develop your business in international markets at a greater pace. You might depend upon them for a smooth freight forwarding process as well. 

There are various other reasons to hire a customs broker for your business. If you want to know them, then let’s know in the blog below. 

Make sure that the shipment may cross the border 

The custom broker helps in lowering your stress by simplifying the custom clearance process, preparing necessary documents and evidence on behalf of you for the government authorities. Hence you can get peace of mind. 

Convenience in entrusting all the work with one person 

You have the convenience of working with one person and not going to any other government agency. That’s why you don’t need to go here and there to find which documents are required at which stage. 

Avoid the unnecessary costs and costly delays or fines 

With a custom broker, you can get assistance in avoiding any delays in paying duty and VAT. Also, they help you in avoiding additional charges and extra fines arising due to late submission. These are some of the reasons for hiring the customs broker Philippines. If you want to be safe from custom fraud, make sure to hire them for your business.

RET Customs Brokerage Will Assist You With The Customs

In the realm of purchasing and selling merchandise and different organizations, turning into a broker can be valuable because of all the work that is required of them.

Numerous organizations depend on brokers to complete their work since it turns out to be less rushed for them and helps the enterprises focus on other business perspectives as opposed to running behind individuals to complete their work.

So, if you are searching for an organization that will keep your necessities in mind with regards to the import and export of your merchandise through the best customs broker Philippines, you need to connect with RET Customs Brokerage.

RET Customs Brokerage is an incredible organization particularly because it is certified by two of the fundamental specialists in economics of the Philippine – the Bureau of Customs and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. Both these accreditations just imply that our organization is genuine and offers dependable types of assistance.

Our brokerage services have assisted a ton of organizations with issues identified as import and export. With regards to bringing in merchandise for you, the activity begins at the point when the data is received.

The imports department makes sure to keep all the documents ready as when the goods arrive and also provide the best rates of import for the company.

As for export, it is important to be done methodically. And RET Customs Brokerage focusses majorly on that. We make sure to follow a pre-determined set of rules that help the work get completed flawlessly.

Our main business is customs brokerage. However, the second in line is freight forwarder philippines. As the name suggests, freight forwarding is mainly the export of goods to different countries through waterways instead of other modes of transportation.

We provide freight forwarding services for domestic and overseas shipping so that everyone can have a look at the work we do. Ideal for loose and Less Container Load (LCL) Cargo, RET Customs Brokerage is here to help with any goods that need to be shipped.

How Licensed Customs Brokerage Firms Helps Customs Clearance For Shipment Goods?

Shipping goods to and from one country to another is not easy. Documentations are required. Claims are made. Order and shipment are tracked. Most important, you need to negotiate with customs clearance services.

• If you are well informed, you have to handle things on your own
• You can hire expert customs broker Philippines services
• The expert team will look into export and import needs

The process to select the right expert can be tedious. Proper research for multiple services is important. Go with services that are licensed to negotiate with the customs clearance team.

Go with logistics experts

The entire process is linked with logistic services. The process is complex. Your shipment must meet the legal criteria. Import and export regulations are important to meet specific standards.

Logistic experts are aware of the process and standards. They take care of everything from payment to billing and tax clearance. The process is important for customs clearance.

Understand broker variations

All types of freight forwarding brokers are not the same. It is essential to hire a licensed team only. This is important to handle all customs clearance related task. The expert team will look into the entire customs clearance process and other fee details.

Before you hire it is essential to check if the services offered with customs clearance related documentation or not. You may not be able to make your claims unless you have hired licensed brokerage services.

Helps check goods restrictions

Different countries may offer different restrictions for import and export goods. Some types of goods may not be allowed in and out of the country. This task involves collecting full details of restricted goods.

Professional freight forwarding services are aware of restricted goods and services. Some of them may even operate within selected countries and economic zones.

Understands prohibition laws

Getting familiar with prohibition laws during the shipment process is important. Before the selection of goods, the expert team will always negotiate with the local authorities. It is mandatory to take permission in advance.

The customs broker Philippines will interact with the local authorities and then carry out the documentation process. You save your money. You can ensure that your cargo is not prohibited.

Some countries may also restrict in many other areas including packaging, age, license, and quantity. A professional team is aware of these restrictions. They act accordingly when making claims or booking the cargo.

They are also aware of the duty charges they have to pay for each consignment. They help ease the process of imports and exports.

6 Robust Steps of Quality Freight Forwarding Service

Freight forwarding is one of the most exciting operations that go through various processes and checkpoints. Shipments and logistics have become necessities of the world. Finding a freight forwarding services provider could be tough as the competition in this stream is rising especially if the customs broker Philippines is the key search.
Transporting goods across the shores is a big job as the freight could be of any size and shape, fragile or non-fragile, and there come several other factors while forwarding the same. Still, the freight forwarding process is defined in multiple small parts and checkpoints to make the whole journey well balanced and suited to the industry.

Let’s discuss.

Freight Forwarding Process
Transporting freight from one shore to another goes through different processes and stages. In general, the freight forwarding process inherits 5 stages. These processes cover up the end to end route of delivering the goods and freight.

Export Haulage
Export Haulage is the initial process of freight forwarding. In this, the freight or goods are transported from the base shipment house to the freight forwarder’s warehouse. The transportation may happen through various transport means (trucks, trailers, trains, etc.).
The time required to reach out the destination warehouse depends upon the distance between the two locations. Hence, the required time may take anywhere between a few hours to upto 10 days.

Items Checkpoint
Upon receiving the goods, it is being checked by freight forwarders to ensure the goods have reached without any defects and issues. It is necessary to keep a check of goods on every stage and hence, a freight forwarder needs to follow the most robust protocol.

Clearance for Export
A contract between the consignee and freight shipper as to export the goods to another country, there needs to be a clearance from the origin country. The custom brokers need to submit related documents and cargo details to the concerned authorities. Once the clearance is granted, the shipment can be forwarded to the destined country.

Import Custom Duties
The authorities at the destination country’s end need to check all the required documents of the arriving freight. It usually happens after the arrival of the shipment, but in some cases, the verification and document check may happen before the consignment reaches.

Handling at the Arrival
After receiving the verified documents from the import custom office, it gets handed over to the further process. All these duties and clearances are taken care of by the freight forwarder.

Import Haulage
It is the reverse process of Export Haulage. The freight is now transported to its destination address and same may happen to any transport means.

These steps carry the complete process of moving goods. However, handling a big consignment requires several other factors to safely deliver stuff. We, RET Customs broker is amongst the renowned names for freight forwarding services in Manila have been successful in reaching the spikes of services and delivery due to our commitment, technology, and consistent upgrade.

Having Imports Business? This Is The Time To Hire Customs-Brokerage

If you are an importer, then dealing with customs authorities may be a daunting task. Every day you may have to interact with the officials. You may have to make payment settlements. You also have to produce documents before your claims.

• This is when you need to consider hiring Customs brokerage services.
• They can help you ease the daunting procedure.
• The professional team will look into your shipment needs and custom duty requirements.

So, having access to a reliable brokerage firm is important for your organization. These professionals are helpful in more than one way. They look into the security factor as well for your shipment, till it arrives at your destination.

Compliance factor

Compliance is an important factor that every importer (or exporter) should understand. An expert Customs brokerage service is aware of the local regulations. They carry out these tasks daily. They don’t have to be educated regarding legal issues and requirements.

This factor is beneficial as they will guarantee that your shipment is safely delivered at your doorstep. You just need to ensure that you only hire services of a licensed customs broker.

Avoid mistakes

Filing documents and making claims is never an easy task. Mistakes can happen at any stage. If this happens, the delivery of the shipment is also delayed. In many cases, mistakes may cost you excess of fine. This is where the services of customs broker Philippines can prove beneficial.

They are experts in this field and so mistakes are rare cases. This means that everything is in order before submission. This speeds up the process of claims with the customs authorities. Many importers are already using these services. They find them useful.


Claims can be made in more than one way. Some ways can be followed to claim a lower fee for your consignment. This is where a professional customs broker Philippines can be helpful. You can depend on their services.

They will self-file your documents and claims in most cases. This eliminates the need for your team to follow up with the legal authorities. You get the best results you have to ensure that you only go along with services that are authentic and reliable.

In general, importers rarely have time to visit the customs duty office daily. So they feel it more convenient to hire expert services.

You too can benefit from these services. A knowledgeable customs broker can guide you through the entire procedure of making settlements and claims.

The Perfect Customs broker In Philippines That You Can Trust

The export and import business should be carried out flawlessly and for that you need the best people at the customs. Undoubtedly, delays arising out of the customs problems can hamper your shipment thus bring losses to your business.

That means you have to have the best customs broker Philippines that can do a perfect job and that should be RET Customs Brokerage. Here are the key things that you should know about our competencies so that you can rest assured that you are at safe hands.

We have vast experience:

We are a big company with vast experience in project cargo handling because we have been doing it for a long time. Our e4xoerince teaches us the ways of handling cargo quite effectively and we eliminate all the possible errors that might hinder the smooth transaction.

We have the smartest professionals:

It is a fact that project cargo handling demands smart people and for that reason, we deploy the smart people on the job depending upon the scale of the project. Each professional; comes with vast experience and they are capable of handling all kinds of projects and that makes us the perfect people whom you can put your trust on.

A lot of clients have found us quite effective and smart and the same would be the case with you. All you need to do is to talk to them and find out more about how they can handle your project.

A few more things to know:

• We make sure that we help our clients in giving all kinds of solution that includes trucking, packing, and warehousing too because we want to give a complete solution
• The service quality and the efficacy are just matchless and you will have that peace of mind too
• We are aware that you are looking for a customs service that is effective and affordable. And for that very reason, we have made the brokerage service affordable

Companies looking for the smartest customs broker Philippines should contact us now because RET Customs Brokerageis committed to give the perfect solution to all its clients so that they can carry out business effectively.